Behind the Brand: Dukkanii            



How would you describe Dukkanii in one word?



What got you into collecting vintage pieces?

 I find myself connected to the stories and history behind each piece I collect, and then I hope to retell those stories and narratives through a modern lens.


What advice would you give someone who was interested in purchasing antiques?

Always do your research when dealing with antiques and vintage pieces, and keep in mind that you can always bargain with the price. I honestly believe that

if someone was interested in purchasing an antique, that person will find some type of connection to the piece. If you get that feeling, buy it.


Currently, what is your favorite item from Dukkanii?

I love all my pieces because each is unique. However, the one piece that I love is the large war drum with hand-painted musicians and their instruments, which we have beautifully transformed into a table.


War Drum