Behind the Brand: Léa Majdalani-Ayoub of The Silly Spoon                  

Silly Spoon

Explore the world of colorful homeware and unique table settings with Léa Majdalani-Ayoub, founder of The Silly Spoon. In this feature, discover the inspiration behind the brand, what inspires Lea, and a few tips on how to set up a table for occasions!


What is the story behind The Silly Spoon?


The art of living around the table, fashion of the table in the ‘new homes’. Homes where the table is redefined as more of a living space rather than a place-where-you-just-eat. Homes where strict, rigid and formal table settings are replaced with a more modern, unique, personalized, and creative mix and match approach.


Every item at The Silly Spoon, from its refined and updated classic tableware, to modern-designed items, is carefully curated and hand-picked by the founder Léa Majdalani-Ayoub with today’s modern lifestyle in mind, making sure there’s something for everyone and for every table. The continuously refreshed selection features collections by hip, renowned and contemporary international design labels and studios, but also customized pieces produced with some of the best local craftsmen. This approach to tableware and table-setting design is a subtle way of making sure the famed and classic Silver Spoon makes way for The Silly Spoon.

Silly Spoon


How do you curate your collections?


I am inspired by my travels, my life, my kids everything around me. I am sensitive to colors, textures and materials.

Everything that touches me will be leading to create a collection. It can be a book I am reading, a dress I am wearing, a drawing of my kids, etc…


How would you describe The Silly Spoon’s aesthetic?


The Silly Spoon is a mix of organic shapes, in a romantic & dreamy world made of one-of-a-kind pieces curated with passion and love.


What is your most important tip for setting a table for a dinner party?


For me, the most important tip is surprising your guests. Once he sits on the table the “wow” effect will make the dinner memorable. Always think outside of the box, be daring, be fun, be sensitive. Mix colors, Mix materials, Mix modern & classic. Your dinner table is a reflection of you.


What is your favorite item from all the collections you have in store?


Every day, I have a different favorite item. It depends on my mood & my feeling on that day.

I choose or curate every single item in the store so I have a particular attachment to all of them.