Behind the Brand: Mashmoom




What is the story behind Mashmoom the brand?

Mashmoom, in the local Kuwaiti dialect, refers to the flowering basil plant. My grandmother used Mashmoom flowers on clothes and as an incense to fill her home with this warm and vibrant fragrance. She always used to inspire me with the way she uses this flower in her home and that is why I chose the name ‘Mashmoom.’


Where do you look for inspiration?

 I look for inspiration in anything that grabs my attention. It can be something as simple as the color combination of specific flowers. I love the challenge to transform something so simple to something magnificent, as I believe that the little touches you add to your place or your table can make a huge difference. I always say, a plain black dress is a plain black dress, but you can spice it up with your unique touches like a pair of statement earrings or bright red lipstick.


How do you curate products for your store?

I always try to be unique and selective with my products. I am always looking to introduce new designs, concepts, and colors. My favorite thing to do is mix and match colors and textures; its challenging but at the end of the day it is what makes Mashmoom special.

When deciding on the type of products to curate, I always think of what I’d like to have for myself, my home, and my table, and then share those items with other people. My motto in life is, “If people go West, you go East.”


What is your currently most favorite item from Mashmoom?

I have two – the colored tumblers by Sir/Madam and the Iraca Palm collection by Myto Design Ritual. I find them perfect for every setting, formal or informal.